Procedure for activation of Excel Power plan Print

1.    Through SMS

For availing the facility type excelp <landline number with STD code> <landline or Mobile number> , send it to 53733  to register. and after that wait for the acceptance & confirmation SMS.

2.    Through dialing helpline number (9400024365):

(i)    Dial 9400024365 from the number on which to activate excel power scheme and then you will be guided for registration of Excel power scheme.

(ii)   Enter the first number you want under excel power and then press 1 to confirm the number in case it is correct or press 2 to change the number in case of incorrect.

(iii)  If the first number is correctly  entered then dial the second landline/WLL/Mobile. If number is correct dial 1 for confirming  it and if the number is not correct dial 2 and then again dial the number.

(iv)  After getting confirmation the message for successful registration will heard.